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Dr. Lévesque is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine, piloting the first study of experimental stem cell therapy for a patient with Parkinson’s.

Progressive Therapy Promotes Healing and Tissue Generation

Regenerative Medicine At A Glance
Regenerative Medicine

Scientists and doctors have made tremendous advances to make tissue regeneration a reality in treating many diseases. Through regenerative medicine, a person can take advantage of their body’s ability to heal itself by using the healthy adult stem cells that can be found throughout the body. Laboratory and clinical research has shown that it is possible to use adult stem cells to restore lost, damaged or aging cells and effectively regenerate tissue in the body thereby providing patients with an alternative to surgery for certain treatments. Regenerative therapies involving autologous cell therapy have shown promise in treating neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, orthopedic medicine, burn treatment, nerve restoration, and treatment of heart conditions, diabetes, and other diseases.

What are adult stem cells?
adult stem cells

Adult stem cells were discovered more than 40 years ago when researchers found that cells derived from adult bone marrow had the ability to form various tissues. Adult stem cells are an early stage cell and under the right conditions, are capable of developing into other types of cells with the potential to regenerate damaged tissue. Also called a mesenchymal stem cell, adult stem cells have the ability to self-replicate, differentiate into bone, cartilage, muscle or fat tissue, fight apoptosis (cell death), and reduced inflammation. Simply, adult stem cells are the cells that help us heal throughout our lifetime. Sometimes, certain conditions, disorders, and injuries, as well as age, impede our body’s ability to continue to execute this healing process.