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Dedicated To Personalized Care

From simple things like reaching a caring person when you call us, to research on cutting edge therapies using patient’s own stem cells, we are committed to providing each individual the best care for their unique situation. Count on us to help you.

Professional Staff
Dr. Levesque - Our Team
Michel Lévesque, M.D.
Research Laboratory
Bringing Cutting Edge Therapies to Benefit Patients

Headed by Mohamedi Kagalwala, Ph.D., the lab focuses on biotheraputics and drug discovery. Dr. Kagalwala is an expert on adult neural stem cells and brain repair mechanism.

Mohamedi Kagalwala, Ph.D.
Sarah George, MS
Support Staff
Our Support Staff are here to help you.
They include:
Patricia Eastman, MHA
Jennifer Alvarenga, Surgery Scheduler
Gianmaria Gaurino, Front Office Coordinator